Our Letters from Santa are not the typical letters from Santa! They share little known details about the North Pole that your child will find AMAZING! Don’t just take our word for it, browse the testimonials below!

From 2018:

“The letters were so absolutely precious and perfect!!!  They were so personalized and unique from one another.  My children absolutely loved them!”…Laurie –TN

From 2017:

“I absolutely love the Santa letters and the excitement it stirs up for everyone involved!”…Rachel — TN


From 2016:

“So excited about the new Christmas tradition I started with my son! Looking forward to him getting a different letter each year and the joy it will bring him!”…Amanda– TX

From 2015:Testimonials-1Santa with Reindeer & Presents

“Mom, Santa is watching me because he knows things I never told him!” …Nicky  –CO

From 2014:

“Both my children squealed with joy when they saw who the letters were from! Our daughter said, ‘I can’t believe Santa wrote to me and he already knows what I want!'” …Karen  –TN

“Our daughter read and re-read her letter, latching onto something different each time! Thanks!”  …Becky  –MD

Testimonials-5Santa Reading ListFrom 2013:

“Thank you! You have given our family one more year of magic!” …Tom  –TN

“The word is out — get ready for a lot of business next year! Our students loved the letters from Santa!” …Amy  –TN

Testimonials-2Santa with Reindeer in SleighFrom 2012:

“It is all the small details that make these letters so unique. The paper is fabulous and the secrets from the North pole are amazing!” …Jennifer  –WV

“My son laughed at the antics of the Reindeer! He told the story of the reindeer eating all the carrot noses off the snowmen over and over! Thank you for adding so much fun to our Christmas season!” …Belinda  –FL